Can I use CARE&S for color laundry?

CARE&S can be used on fabrics in all the colors of the rainbow. CARE&S does not contain chlorine or other types of bleach, which are commonly used traditional detergents can be harmful to clothes over a longer period of time. In many cases clothing can naturally fade and lose color over time.

Will CARE&S fade dark colored laundry?

CARE&S is developed to be gentle to all types of fabrics. CARE&S does not contain chlorine or other types of bleach, which are commonly used in traditional detergents and can be harmful to clothes over a longer period of time. In many cases clothing can naturally lose color over time.

Is the CARE&S packaging eco-friendly?

CARE&S is packaged in the United States and most of the packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper fibers, plus 95% Post Consumer Content. That means that everything can be recycled again. To keep out moisture, we added a poly kraft liner and a plastic cap to the paper cylinders, which are also recyclable. We are constantly searching for new and even better packaging materials to improve the sustainability. See, we agree that every gram and inch counts. That’s why we do our best to minimize packaging material and focus on what’s important: getting the detergent to your laundry.
We are also keen on keeping the design nice so that the packaging is not only recyclable, but can be reused for other purposes. We encourage you to send us pictures of all the creative uses you find for your empty containers.

Can I use CARE&S for synthetic fibers (commonly used in sport clothes)?

CARE&S is excellent for washing sport clothes. As it is free from chemicals, it is very gentle on fabrics.

Can I use CARE&S for silk and wool?

Yes. Silk and wool can be washed with CARE&S. The natural enzymes won’t degrade the materials, as we only use the best quality ingredients.

Can I use CARE&S with any type of washing machine?

CARE&S recommend that you use a water and energy efficient washing machine. However, it works well with any machine.

Has CARE&S been tested for allergy/sensitive skin?

CARE&S is developed with sensitive skin in mind and has been approved by the Asthma and Allergy Association of Sweden. It does not contain any chemicals that will remain in the textile fibers, and it does not contain perfume. Conventional laundry detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets contain a combination of many toxic chemicals that are left behind in clothing, diapers, sheets, dish cloths, etc. after washing.

What are the exact ingredients in the product?

CARE&S contains sodium percarbonate, softener and enzymes – nothing more. All ingredients are biodegradable and harmless for nature and human. We’ve included only what is unnecessary to get your clothes clean.

Does CARE&S work in cold water?

CARE&S works very well in cold water and low temperatures, however we recommend washing at 40 C/100 F temperature as we care about your health and safety. 40 C/100 F is required to kill any bacteria that may be lingering on your clothing.  To save energy, we recommend you instead use a high-efficiency washing machine.

Can I hand-wash with CARE&S?

You can easily combine CARE&S with tap water in a bowl  or sink to hand wash your delicates or while traveling. You will get the best washing result by letting the detergent mix well with the water before soaking the clothes.To prevent your skin and sensitive areas getting in direct contact with the enzymes, we recommend you wash your hands well afterwards, or that you use protective gloves.

Can I use CARE&S for white laundry?

CARE&S is developed to be gentle on types of all fabrics. Remember, it won’t remove the hardest stains, but is designed to get clothes clean with minimal tearing on the fibers during your wash cycle, and without leaving detergent residue on clothes after the wash. CARE&S does not contain optical brightener and will keep your white synthetic garments white. The tablet is hyper concentrated and pre-dosed to help you use the right amount of detergent.

Is CARE&S good at getting rid of stains on my clothing?

CARE&S has been proven to remove stains just as well as regular detergents, but with a much smaller dose. It won’t remove the hardest stains, but is designed to make the clothes clean with minimal tearing on the fibers during your wash cycle, without leaving detergent residue on clothes after the wash and with minimal impact on the environment. The tablet is hyper-concentrated and pre-dosed to help you use the right amount of detergent.

Can I use CARE&S for children’s clothing?

CARE&S could and should be used for children’s clothing. CARE&S cares for the human body, both children and grown-ups. Being natural and pre-dosed, it doesn’t leave any chemical residue on fabrics that might irritate sensitive skin.

Can I use softeners with CARE&S?

CARE&S recommends that you not  use softeners since they have a negative effect on the environment.

How can such a small tablet be enough for a fully loaded washing machine?

The CARE&S tablet is hyper concentrated. This makes it easier for you to use just the right amount of detergent for one machine load. By avoiding overdosing, you save money and ecological resources, which are commonly damaged by chemical residue in the environment. Our philosophy for economical ecology is to purchase and consumer only what is necessary. For a fully loaded machine with heavily soiled laundry, or hard water, we do, however, recommend using two tablets.

Do I need to change the amount with different water quality?

Yes – water hardness makes a difference, as does the size of your laundering. One tablet is enough for the finest clothes that you night wash separately or in smaller loads. When washing a full load of a large machine, or in areas with harder water, we recommend that you use two tablets.

How can the product work without tensides/surfactants?

Enzymes and sodium carbonate in the tablets are the active ingredients in CARE&S tablets. Detergent needing surfactants is just a myth. Our tests show that CARE&S functions similar to regular detergents. However, many tests today are costumed to the traditional detergents, and have little to do with reality. We choose not to follow these “test requirement” and instead test the function in real life, with real people, and real laundry. If we start adding chemicals to the detergent, it will probably add a function as well as an adverse effect – so then you need to add another chemical to adjust that negative effect, and so forth. We stripped down to the basics – getting your clothes clean with care for you, your clothes and the environment.

What makes CARE&S environmentally friendly?

The ingredients in the CARE&S detergent make it eco-friendly. CARE&S is made out of biodegradable ingredients and doesn’t contain phosphates, surfactants or other chemicals harmful for the environment, your clothes or your skin. The detergent is hyper-concentrated to prevent overdosing. It is also packaged in recycled paper tubes, which can be recycled again to reduce waste as much as possible.

What is the ecological footprint of CARE&S?

The exact ecological footprint of the product is still in calculation. You see, it’s not a simple to come up with an exact measure. However, we know that it’s much smaller than that of traditional detergents for several reasons: first, CARE&S production and ingredients support sustainability – all of our products are truly biodegradable and ecological. Second, all production is done in Sweden, a country with strict environmental and labor laws as well as plenty of fossil-fuel free electricity CARE&S is then packaged in the United States so that we don’t have to send the packaging around the world a couple times before it gets to you and your laundry. Third, the ready made doses help you to prevent overdosing. Finally, its hyper concentrated form enables us to keep the package sizes very small. The packaging is also made out of recycled material, which can be recycled again. Does this sound effective enough to you?

Does CARE&S have a scent?

Perfuming CARE&S would remove the eco-friendliness and also make life harder for people with allergies. Two things that we care about. After washing your clothes with CARE&S the smell is neutral and fresh.