About CARE&S


“Conscious but aesthetic, always functional, easy to use. An innovative cleaning product for people who care and love beauty”

Our first product - CARE&S Fashion Care is a new laundry product designed with both the environment and aesthetics in mind. CARE&S is unique as it does not contain surfactants, which are hard to degrade (especially in anaerobic processes) and harmful for ocean life. Hazardous chemicals such as bleach and optical brighteners are excluded from the CARE&S formula, making it 100% biodegradable. It also prevents your precious blacks from fading and your whites from turning grey. Just one does will gently and effectively remove stains, even in cold water.

Overdosing is one of the biggest laundering problems when it comes to traditional detergents. Too much detergent causes excess material wear and chemical waste. Because of this, CARE&S is packaged in a hyper-concentrated single-dose form. That means one tablet, one wash. With minimum packaging we were also able to save you space as each 8 inch (20 cm) cylinder contains 20 tablets, enough for 20 loads of laundry. CARE&S packaging is also 100% recyclable.


In short, CARE&S is kind to Mother Nature, your clothes and us inhabitants. Here’s a quick recap:

CARE&S is packaged in hyper-concentrated single-dose-form to prevent overdosing.

It is free from chemicals like surfactants, phosphates, perfume, optical brightener and bleach.

100% biodegradable

Cleans well at low temperatures

Non-toxic and harmless to ingest (even for children)